Who We Are

The Affiliates & Offenders Recovery Program is an outside self-help correspondence program for inmates who are unable to receive basic California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) inside programs such as Alternatives To Violence Project (AVP) and  Criminal Gang Anonymous (CGA). It is essential for this group of inmates to pursue outside self-help courses and support. These courses are encouraged and acceptable by  Board of Prison Hearings  (BPH). The program covers important areas such as insight into the causative factors of the commitment offense, criminality, gang-mentality, amends. In addition the program covers the 12 steps of Criminal Gang Anonymous (CGA)The program helps our clients  to understand the importance of each step within the CGA program. Our goal within the Affiliates & Offenders Recovery Program is to provide superior customer services and in addition a comprehensive experience in value for our clients.


 “You have to start somewhere on the path to recovery and freedom.”