Sponsor Program

Many times California’s inmates are going up for reviews and or parole consideration and are asked to address the causative factors of their commitment offense and or into their gang, criminal, and bully mentality. Often times these challenges are not easily met due to lack of programming at most high security prison populations. Not only is it important but beneficial for one to be in position to show and articulate one’s own insight into his or her own causative factors by of group therapy and gang sponsorship.

The AORP sponsorship programs links inmates to some of the best reformed community members in the movement to restore our communities. Providing this class’s of inmates with gang, criminal, and bully intervention sponsorship addressing issues such as but not limited to Gang mentality, Criminality, Remorse, Amends, Forgiveness, Faith, and Resources.

Clients enrolled in the AORP sponsorship programs will have access to his or her mentor via collect calls and correspondence, one on one peer mentoring, assignments, certificates and support letters.

Sign up now!!! Just $125.99 includes:
1) Initial case review
2) 6 Collect Calls (one call per month)
3) 2 Assignments
4) 2 Support letters
5) 1 Certificates

Contact Bernard k. Cooper for questions
PO Box 1946 Norwalk, CA 90651
Business:(626)239-8310 email@affoffrecpg3w@gmail.com

Payments accepted Money Orders, Paypal, Zelle, Green Dot and Venom and Institutional Checks. (Email needed is tl4fcorp@gmail.com)

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