What is “Criminals & Gang Members Anonymous”?

Here is some excellent information on Criminals & Gang Members Anonymous.  The blog post is from http://www.treatment4addiction.com if you are interested in more in depth information.


Criminals & Gang members Anonymous is a 12 step program founded by Richard Mejico  a hard core gang member in Mule Creek prison in Ione, CA. sentenced to death row for murder.   A nun came to visit him and got him to change his ways of living and looking at life. He was given the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous which he studied, and saw that many of its teachings could apply to criminals.  He began to talk with other inmates and started CGA in 1997. CGA is a 12 step program like AA,, but unlike A.A. the CGA program has 12 steps, 12 wisdoms, and 12 traditions. It is designed to help men, women and youth that are gang members and hard criminals overcome their addiction to crime and that kind of lifestyle.

Criminals & Gang members Anonymous (CGA) aims at helping criminals and gang members who want to disassociate from gang involvement and criminal activities.   They do this by offering them an alternative lifestyle, free of violence and any other form of illegal activities.  CGA is a much smaller fellowship than A.A. and N.A.  They have a website, but I have not been able to find a directory of meetings.   I know that there are meetings held across the Los Angeles Area, but have yet to attend one.

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