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1Q: Who is the recovery program specifically for?

1A: This recovery program is for anymore seeking recovery from gangs and criminal additions, not exclusive to inmates.

2Q: How does it work?

2A: Complete a 9 section recovery course.

3Q: How long is the recovery program?

3A: Incarcerated clients complete the recovery program  at their own leisure.

4Q: How will the clients life be enhanced after the completion of this program?

4A: Client will be able to fully represent his or her’s lifestyle changes and who they have become today.

5Q: How much does it cost?

5A: $40.00 with debit/credit card and  $42.00 with PayPal must use our email tl4fcorp@gmail.com when purchasing through PayPal.

6Q: What happens after I pay for this program?

6A: Upon receipt of the payment, the program will be mailed to the client within 1 to 2 business days.

7Q: Will this program give the client an early release date?

7A: No, this program does not alter or change any sentencing laws. We only assist the clients towards the rehabilitation programs that are needed when a client goes up for any type of reviews for a release.

8Q: What is the completion success rate for the clients that have participated this program?

8A: Our completion is currently between 80% to 85%. This is due to the fact that the program is a self-paced program. This allows the client to complete the program at his or her leisure.

9Q: How long has this program been in operation?

9A: The program was launched June 1st 2015.

10Q: Are there any available testimonials of clients that have participated in the program?

10A:  – Written by: Ed. Flores from Calipatria State Prison
When I first got this correspondence package I was skeptical of it because it
doesn’t come any reading material. “What exactly am I supposed to learn with a bunch of questions,” I thought. I didn’t realize until I was halfway through the course that it’s more about introspection, about analyzing your own attitude and behavior. Some of these questions and particularly to the essays really made me contemplate my past and I was able to see the turning points in my life. Although I’ve thought about my past before, this is the first time I have ever articulated those thoughts. It was a cathartic experience.

Date: June 2016