New Ambassador Program Emotional Awareness

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AORP’s Lifestyle Addiction Curriculum/Inside Community Ambassadors Program in which ambassadors would have 30 days to complete the AORP curriculum if agreed to solidify this position as a Inside Community Ambassador for your community.

Ambassadors are to also begin formation, within 30 days of completion of AORP curriculum to begin group meetings within the institutions of at least 5 people whether it’s day room time or yard time to commence utilizing  AORP’S sign in sheets which will be provided upon completion. These meetings shall be held at the minimum of once per week for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

Every 30th day of the month, Ambassadors will mail in their sign in sheets to the following: AORP P.O. BOX 1946, Norwalk, Ca, 90651

After a 90 day participation period, participants will receive a Certificate of Peace Award for their participation in the program as well as ambassadors who facilitate which will be held independent of the institutions.