THANK YOU GOD FOR YOUR SHIELD AROUND A MIRACLE ON ST ANDREWS PLACE AND I WANT TO THANK ALL MY VOLUNTEERS, MY HOMEGIRL AND BEST FRIEND CEO of COMMUNITY WOMEN SOULJERS FOR PEACE Paulette Washington, Lynn, Patricia Lewis Tany, Ashley,,Cherie, Ebony Durst, Winnie, Destiny, My God children JayLah & Jordan Rita Crook (ORS), Sharmon Gulley (ST ANDREWS) Jabbar Carter KIKI & crew (THE KEY TO THE STREETS) Pamela Thompson (ALL OF US OR NONE OF US, /ARC) James Harris (VIOLENCE REDUCTION/VETERANS) Kelly Prat (WE WIT IT CAR CLUB ) Keisha (CREATIVE HANDS ) & HUSBAND TERRY (BROTHERS OF THE SON BIKE CLUB) BROTHERS IV LIFE, BIG HUNCHY, (ST ANDREWS), Pojo Abbott Ms Joni Derris Mcclain , Wesley, Eric, and Jessie, and the St Andrews Rec staff, My son Keshon and his friends. The LAFD/LAPD, AND ALL THOSE BRAVE ENOUGH TO STAND WITH ME IN THE RED ZONE. And to every that helped make this year a real Miracle on St Andrews Pl. Thank you✍🏿⚜🙏🏿